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The All-New C-HR - The Wait is Over

Daringly stylish design

Combining the sleek profile of a coupe and strong lower body of an SUV, the C-HR’s diamond faceted exterior gives the illusion of movement even at a standstill, while the driver-focused cockpit puts you in command of the road.

Spirited performance

Created by engineers with the racing spirit in their veins, the C-HR is highly responsive, with an advanced turbo engine and Dynamic Torque Control delivering excellent handling and a thrilling drive.

Premium technology

More is more, so every C-HR comes standard with a full line-up of technology to help keep you safe, informed and entertained. Active Cruise Control[N16], Satellite Navigation[N1] with 3D graphics, dual zone air-con – the list goes on.

All round safety

C‐HR’s multitude of safety features – from emergency braking[B4] and forward collision warning[B4] to a blind spot monitor[B4] and lane departure alert[B4] – all work together to help keep you safe in a variety of conditions and unexpected situations.

[N16] Cruise Control is a driver assist technology and should not be used as a substitute for safe driving practices. Driver should continue to monitor the road.
[N1] Current navigation mapping database encompasses major capital and primary national road networks as well as offering some coverage of regional areas.
[B4] This is a driver assist feature only and not a substitute for safe driving practices. Driver remains responsible at all times for safe driving.


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